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Patrick Meinart is a sports scientist, psychologist and sports physiotherapist and has been a trainer for over 21 years. Since 2012 he has been teaching as a lecturer at various training academies and in 2016 he was one of the first to offer further training in the field of "Neuroathletics" in Germany. He has completed all modules of the Z-Health training and is one of the few coaches who also has a recognized training from the "International Association of Functional Neurology" (IAFNR).


In addition, he has specialized in the fields of migraine and concussion through the "Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies" and has completed training at the renowned "Kharrazian Institute". So far he has also written three books on neurocentric training, which have been published by riva Verlag.

He currently works primarily as a coach and therapist for people with chronic pain and neurological problems with a focus on spinal problems and exhaustion.



Patrick Meinart
RF Head Coach
Dipl. Spowi.
Dipl. Psych.
sports physio
Portrait DM.png
Daniel Mueller
sports therapist
sports scientist
Athletic trainer 1. Handball 
Master Instructor Neurokinetic Therapy

Patrick Meinart's books


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