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personal training

Our goal in personal training is to improve the performance of our customers. It does not primarily matter whether you are a competitive athlete or a pain patient. We treat all of our customers as athletes, picking them up where they are and taking them where they want to go.

Get to know your coach

Patrick Meinart is a graduate sports scientist, graduate psychologist and sports physiotherapist. He has been a coach for over 20 years and has written four books on training and fitness. In addition, he has been running the RELEASE FITNESS Academy since 2012, where over 2000 trainers have been trained so far. He works as an international consultant and speaker and has already been able to supervise world champions and Olympic medal winners in training. Patrick is regarded in Germany as a leading mobility expert and was the first to bring the training to become a NEUROATHLETIK coach to Germany back in 2016. He regularly writes specialist articles in magazines such as TRAINER Magazin and FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Magazin.


you, the customer

We never put our training goals ahead of yours. Our work is geared towards your needs and requirements. We focus primarily on the transfer of knowledge and information. Just as we train a multitude of trainers, we believe that our clients need to know more in order to achieve more. We provide our customers with the necessary background information so that they can become independent of us as quickly as possible. We are not your entertainers, we are your problem solvers and assistants.


Our approach

The core of our work is a neuro-centric approach. We combine movement and training with the function of the nervous system. In our experience, the body adapts faster when trained in harmony with the nervous system. We take into account the principles of neuroplasticity, the adaptation of the brain through learning and training. As a result, you as a customer can achieve your goals faster and more sustainably. This approach has been tried and tested for years and is particularly effective in the case of movement deficits, imbalances and chronic pain

Ich helfe Menschen bei chronischen Schmerzen und neurologischen Beschwerden.

Our specialization

Ich löse nicht jedes Problem, aber viele. Dabei habe ich mich auf folgende Bereiche spezialisiert und in den letzten Jahren viel Erfahrung sammeln können. Diese Schwerpunktthemen unterrichte ich auch in meiner Akademie und online Seminaren. Dadurch konnten bereits viele andere Personal Trainer unser Wissen und Arbeitsweise in ihrer eigenen Praxis nutzen und an ihre Kunden anwenden.

We don't solve every problem, but many. We have specialized in the following areas and have gained a lot of experience in recent years. We also teach these key topics in our academy. As a result, many other personal trainers have already been able to use our knowledge and working methods in their own practice and apply it to their customers.

  • Chronic pain (e.g. back pain, shoulder pain, etc.)

  • mobility deficits

  • Musculoskeletal imbalances

  • visual rehabilitation

  • Vestibular rehabilitation

  • Training and treatment of migraines

  • Individual strength training

  • Neuro Rehab (Concussion, MS, Tinnitus, etc.)

  • NEW: hormone profiling

  • and much more


RF Head Coach Patrick Meinart

In order to be able to offer training and further education in the fitness and health sector for more than eight years, not only experience is required, but detailed qualifications. This also includes the regular training of your coach Patrick Meinart. The following is an excerpt of the qualifications of the founder of RELEASE FITNESS


  • Synapse Session Carrick Institute - 2020

  • Mastering Migraine Neurophysiology - 2020

  • Mastering Migraine Nutrition & Hormones - 2020

  • Mastering Migraine Musculoskeletal - 2020

  • Mastering Migraine Perfecting the Migraine Case - 2020

  • Functional Neurology Seminars Drs Brock & Kharrazian (since 2019)

  • Concussion/mTBI Certification Program Level 1 (2019)

  • Concussion/mTBI Certification Program Level 2 (since 2019)

  • Improving Athletic Performance through Functional Neurology by Brain Neuroplasticity Leiden - 2020

  • Neuro Kinetic Therapy Level 1 - 2020 (participation)

  • Concussion Management Level 1 - Dr. Cameron Marshall- 2019

  • Programming of Strength - Boris Sheiko - 2019

  • Z-Health Sustenance and Spirit - 2019

  • Z Health Stamina - 2019

  • EXOS Mentorship Phase 1 - 2019 (participation)

  • Speed Coach by Lee Taft - 2018

  • Manual Muscle Testing by Dr. Leaf-2018

  • Z Health Structure - 2017

  • Z Health Strength - 2017

  • Z Health Skill and Style - 2017

  • McGill Back Assessment Level 1 and Level 2 - 2017

  • Functional Range Release by A. Spina - 2016

  • Z Health Speed - 2016

  • Z Health The Next Evolution - 2016

  • Z-Health R-Phase - 2016

  • Z-Health I phase - 2016

  • Z-Health S-Phase - 2016

  • Z-Health T-Phase - 2016

  • YPSI program design by Wolfgang Unsöld - 2015

  • Advanced Program Design by Charles Poliquin - 2015

  • BioSignature Level 1 by Poliquin Group - 2015

  • Functional Range Conditioning by A. Spina - 2015

  • FAT Tool: Fascial Abrasion Technique - Scappaticci - 2015

  • Training for Warriors Level 1 - Martin Rooney - 2015

  • Strength Coaching UX - All Out Performance - 2014

  • Certified Rocktape Fascial Movement Taping Instructor - 2013

  • Fascia Coach Advanced Somatics Academy - 2013

  • Enter the Kettlebell RKC - 2012

  • Sports taping DSHS Cologne - 2011

  • Functional Trainer Training - Perform Sports - 2011

  • Kettlebell Level 2 - Till Sukopp - 2011

  • Kettlebell Level 1 - Till Sukopp - 2010

  • Power Yoga Safes Beta - 2008  

  • Personal Trainer B License Safs Beta - 2007

  • Polar Own Zone Guide - 2007

  • Sports rehabilitation - DSHS Cologne - 2006

  • Olympic weightlifting DSHS Cologne - 2005

  • Vinyasa Yoga Safa Beta - 2004

  • Fitness trainer B license DTA - 2000

  • Fitness trainer training CityFitness - 1999



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