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Neuro Sport Performance Coach


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RF Mobility Essentials

from EUR 399,-

Neuroathletics Coach Level 1

from EUR 699,-

Neuroathletics Coach Level 2

from EUR 699,-

Neuroathletics Coach Level 3

from EUR 799,-


Neuro-Centered Strength Training Level 1

from EUR 699,-


Neuro-Centered Strength Training Level 2

from EUR 699,-

step 2

Optionally a module

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Neuroathletics: Endurance & Performance

from EUR 499,-

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from EUR 499,-

Sports Concussion.jpg


from EUR 599,-

step 3

Finally, the NSPC consists of the following modules:

(from 2020)

Neuro Speed Coach

from EUR 699,-

neuro exam.jpg

neuro screening

from EUR 799,-

step 4

NSPC Certification Exam

EUR 199.-

The certification toNeuro Sport Performance Coach consists of the four steps above. All modules can also be booked independently of one another.


The "Neuroathletics Coach Level 1" course must be booked before the other neuroathletics courses. Only the "RF Mobility Essentials" course from STEP 1 may also be booked at any later time.

Step 2 and step 3 do not necessarily have to be booked in this order. Only one course from Step 2 needs to be taken. However, all courses from step 3 must be taken.

Step 4 is the final weekend with the consolidation of all content, as well as a theoretical and practical exam.

The NSPC can be booked as a complete package for EUR 4900 (payment in installments possible). The saving is EUR 1290.-. When booking the NSPC, there is access to our "NSPC Member Area" with all documents, studies and additional content for all modules.

To book a package of all modules or for more information, please send us an email to:

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