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Neuro Sport Performance

The NSP program is about unlocking the full human potential using a brain-based neurological approach to integrating all the working systems within the body. NSP steps away from the single-factor thinking and application that is prevalent in the industry and instead, introduces a modern multi-factorial and integrated model for optimizing human function and performance.

Learning Objective:
  • Recognize the governing neurological principles that influence motor control in sports performance and optimization

  • Learn to screen, assess and train neurological function for enhanced movement performance

  • The basics of assessing – Learn to perform athletic diagnostics and reduce the learning curve of your athlete.

  • Asymmetrical, Opposing and Unilateral movements – This paradigm shift gives you the building blocks required to interact with your surroundings efficiently and drastically reduce the chance of injury.

  • New Flexibility Concepts – To stretch or not to stretch? Learn what science says and understand the difference between flexibility, mobility and motor control.

  • Sports Vision Training: how to train your eyes for better performance in sports and every day life

  • How to assess and train the vestibular system correctly

  • Learn how tu use mobility training as a performance enhancer and improve motor control

  • Neurotransmitters and training periodization (Neuro Profiling)

  • The somatosensory system - learn why the sensory system is more important than the motor system

  • Nerve Neuromechanics & Brain-Based Exercises  – Learn movement drills designed to immediately enhance performance.

Who is this class for?

Our primary audience is the personal trainer, athletic trainer, strength or performance coach, including physical therapists, chiropractors, medical physicians, osteopaths, acupuncturists or massage therapists who are contemplating venturing into the world of performance optimization. The gaps between professions are narrowing, and both rehabilitation and performance are on the same continuum albeit on opposite ends. Professionals in rehabilitation are seeing an increased need to understand and excel in the applied science of performance optimization.

Neuroathletic Level 1

Neuroathletic Level 2

Neuroathletic Level 3


21.-22. September 2019

Nijmegen, Netherlands


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